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 Council on Pandeism

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PostSubject: Council on Pandeism   Council on Pandeism Icon_minitimeTue Apr 08, 2014 8:53 pm

Pandeism requires us to work together towards the future. Please consider joining us at the Council on Pandeism.

We will gather using the internet as our medium of communication, via Skype most likely, to discuss the meaning of Pandeism, the future, and various other thoughts on an agenda. I am hoping you will be interested in meeting other Pandeists and sharing personal input into the future of this religious thought.

Please sign up using this form:

I hope to see you there. The date is not yet set, but I would like to include everyone. You do not need to be a Pandeist to attend the Council, we welcome everyone's input.

Please share this form with anyone you may think is interested in joining the discussion.

-vandelsand (aka Ivan)
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Council on Pandeism
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