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Forum Terms of service

Using the forum. By registering on this forum, you agree to use it properly, and to refrain from posting any content that is aggressive, offensive, defamatory, hateful, or in violation of applicable laws and regulations. You agree not to post messages inciting or evoking illegal practices, or violating the terms of use of the service.

The moderators and administrators of this forum will do their best to delete or edit any reprehensible messages that may be posted on the forum. You acknowledge that all messages posted on this forum express the opinion of their respective authors, and do not necessarily reflect the position of the moderators and administrators.

In order to ensure the moderation of this forum, any message violating the preceding provisions may be edited or deleted without notice by the moderators and administrators of the forum. Any abuse may also be sanctioned by banning or deleting the user account. We reserve the right to inform your access provider and/or the judicial authorities of any malicious behaviour.

Your personal data. By registering on this forum, you agree that it may collect some of your personal data. This data collection is done either through the information you provide us, or through the use of the services itself, for technical data used for the forum proper functioning. You can access, modify or delete your data at any time. Users under 16 years old certify that they have obtained the consent of their legal guardian in order to proceed with this registration. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

This forum uses cookies to store information on your computer. These cookies only serve to improve the user experience. You can read the purpose of cookies on our forum help center. You can choose in your browser settings not to enable cookies, as this may disrupt the forum proper functioning.

This forum may send you electronic messages (e-mail), such as activity notifications, or newsletters, sent by Forumotion or by an administrator of this forum. You can choose in your profile preferences to receive or not each of these messages.

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Forum Behavioral Covenant


Abehavioral covenant is an agreement, between members ofanyorganization, on how they choose to relate to one another. Whilethisis important to any organization, it is very important to anyinternetbased organization, as the ability to communicate is limited tothewritten word, and members rarely have true personal relationshipswithone another.

As Members, we commit to:

Posting always from a perspective of Reason, Respect and Fellowship.

Support our fellow members, not seek to tear them down.

Try not to take offense, and to always seek clarification when we feel offense. Often, no offense is intended.

To give others the benefit of the doubt, until such time as our Reason no longer allows us to do so.

Agreethat anyone who registers for this forum and agrees to thiscovenant hasa right to participate here. If we have concerns about amember thatcannot be resolved through private contact with thatmember, we willtake the issue to a moderator or administrator.

Agree to seekarbitration from a moderator or administrator beforeleaving the forum.Mistakes are made by all humans, and we will havethe patience for themto be addressed.

Not conduct personal attacks uponindividuals, and will discuss issuesin a positive, supportive manner.Criticism should always beconstructive, not destructive.

Give moderators the necessary time to work through the moderation process with problem members.

Acceptresponsibility for my own beliefs, but allow others the freedomtodecide upon theirs, and the labels they are comfortable with forthosebeliefs.

Ask a moderator for clarification of why an action has been taken before contacting the administrator about that action.

Welcome new members, and to have patience with them as they learn to be a member of this new kind of internet community.

As Moderators, we agree to:

Addressall concerns brought to us by members in a timely andcomplete manner,explaining what actions we take and the reasoningbehind them.

Take what actions on the forum our Reason and Conscience call us to, and fully explain those actions to all parties concerned.

Conductcensure on those members who are members in good standing in aprivatefashion. Censure should only be made public when an individualhasalready been warned in private. Public censure of an individualshouldalso be accompanied by an official report of misconduct totheadministrator.

To use our Reason and Conscience in allcases of arbitration betweenmembers, seeking an equitable solution thatmaintains the supportivefellowship environment of

Alwaysinform an individual when their post has been modified forcontent(beyond mere formatting problems) and why that contentwasinappropriate. Posts should only be modified when theircontentconsists of a personal attack, violates this covenant, iswhollyinappropriate, or is blatantly disruptive. Posts can be modifiedforformat concerns without notification.

Always strive to bepositive in contacts with members due to moderationconcerns. When youcan no longer be positive, that is a sign thatfurther action beyondmoderation might be necessary.

When time is not essential, we agree to discuss concerns with other moderators in the “moderators only” section.

Use the color red for any moderator alterations of posts, in order to insure they are noticeable as such.

Supportthe actions of fellow moderators. When moderators disagree, weagree totake those concerns up in the “moderator’s only” section or inPrivateMessage. If the issue can not be resolved between themoderators, weagree to seek arbitration from the forum Administrator.

Admit our mistakes when they occur, and do our best to rectify them.

As the Forum Administrator(s), we agree to:

Abide by all the guidelines set forth for our moderators in this Forum Behavioral Covenant.

Fullyand completely back the actions of our moderators, and toaddressconcerns about those actions in a positive way in the“moderators only”forum or in private messages.

Realize thatwhen a moderator brings a concern to the Administrator, itis becausethey feel they can no longer handle the problem. As such,when a problemreaches the administrator, the individual will receiveonly one morewarning before serious action (suspension, removal) istaken.

Conductall requests for arbitration with Reason, Respect, and equity,seeking asolution that maintains the friendly fellowship nature of

Inform members and moderators of action taken that concerns them, and the reasons for that action.

Protect the rights of all to freedom of ideas, while protecting the friendly atmosphere of

Whena moderator calls for emergency action against a poster forgraveviolation of this covenant, act quickly to deal with that member.Suchaction should only be taken in the case of serious disruption oftheforum.

Respond quickly to all requests and concerns of all members.

Welcome all new members with an email discussing the forum, its purpose, vision, and this behavioral covenant.

Admitwhen a mistake has been made, and apologize to those members themistakeaffects. Accept constructive criticism from Members andModerators.

When time is not essential, seek the input from members and moderators for all major decisions regarding this forum.

Protect, at all times, the Spiritual, Friendly, Supportive, Respectful,Reasonable, and Equal nature of the Discussion forum.

We, the members, moderators, and administrators of
PanenDeism.orgacceptthis covenant, and agree to do our best to abide by it, in orderto helpbuild the supportive Deistic Religious community that