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 The mythic tale of Involution and Evolution

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The mythic tale of Involution and Evolution Empty
PostSubject: The mythic tale of Involution and Evolution   The mythic tale of Involution and Evolution Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2007 3:22 pm

I thought that this was a good way of expressing the story of panendeistic Involution and Evolution in easy to grasp, mythic terms.

Quote :
Involution and Iamness
By Ken Wilber

One day, God — in all His infinite omniscience, infinite omnipotence, and infinite omnipresence — becomes infinitely bored. So, understandably, He decides that He wants to play a game. Now, if you have ever tried to play a game of chess against yourself, you know that it's not very much fun at all, you really need someone else to play against. So, God has an idea. He manifests the entire Kosmos, breaking himself up into an infinite number of pieces, casting Himself out into all creation. Spirit crystallizes into Soul, which crystallizes into Mind, which further crystallizes into Life and Matter, until finally, in a magnificent Big Bang, God completely forgets who He is. It's the most impossibly perfect game of all—a game of Kosmic hide-and-seek, and the only way to win is to evolve back through matter, life, mind, soul, and Spirit, until finally we remember who we always-already are. This is the story of involution and evolution, the story of your very existence, the story of each and every moment.

"Enjoy every sandwich" ~ Warren Zevon
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The mythic tale of Involution and Evolution
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