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 Sustainability and Society

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PostSubject: Sustainability and Society   Sustainability and Society Icon_minitimeFri Nov 06, 2009 10:05 pm

The following essay offers something called "Technocracy" as a means of building a sustainable way forward. I don't think it's very practical but the idea is interesting.

Quote :
This article argues that our current socioeconomic system has a unsustainable nature and thus we need to change to an alternative system if we wish to maintain a good standard of living. The article then presents technocracy as one such alternative.

Sustainability and Society Sustainability

We, as a society, have a need for sustainability. People in the industrialized world today would find it hard to escape references to global warming and climate change. Our society faces problems associated with peak oil and the potential effects of a decline in oil production. Our society has a high ecological footprint and our way of life has an impact on not only our local environment but on the ecosystem as a whole, effecting the rain forests and potentially causing the extinction of many of the species that inhabit the Earth with us. Scientists have shown that our current society and our current way of life gobbles up our Earth's resources, going beyond what our planet can coup with. Thus, we have a need for changing our current way of doing things if we wish to have a hi-tech society so that we donít destroy our Earth; we have a need for a sustainable society.

But what do we mean; a sustainable society? We could see sustainability as keeping our current society running. We could hope that we can develop new technologies that will enable use to maintain our economic growth while protecting the planet. We could encourage new initiatives to decrease our carbon emissions, for example.

However, in this article the author looks at what sustainability actually means; why our current system has a fundamental unsustainable nature; and what characteristics a sustainable society would have.

You can read the rest here.

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Sustainability and Society
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