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 Dialectical Monism

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PostSubject: Dialectical Monism   Dialectical Monism Icon_minitimeWed Mar 05, 2008 8:15 pm

I just thought I'd throw this term out there for those that have never heard of it before.

From wikipedia...
Quote :
Dialectical monism is an ontological position which holds that reality is ultimately a unified whole, distinguishing itself from monism by asserting that this whole necessarily expresses itself in dualistic terms. For the dialectical monist, the essential unity is that of complementary polarities which, while opposed in the realm of experience and perception, are co-substantial in a transcendent sense.

To establish its premises, dialectical monism posits a Universal Dialectic, which is seen as the fundamental principle of existence. The concept is similar to that of the Taiji or 'Supreme Ultimate' in Taoism. Accordingly, advocates assert that Taoism as well as some forms of Buddhism (most notably Zen or Chan) are based on an approach consistent with (or identical to) dialectical monism.

Ideas relating to progress or "teleological evolution" are important concepts in some interpretations of dialectical monism. Although historically this element has not always been present. It is important to note that this teleological tendency can significantly differ from other variants of teleology if dialectical monism is linked to materialism, because such an interpretation is a naturalistic progression rather than a result of design or consciousness. However, non-materalistic philosophies exist which also are dialectical monisms, such as Actual Idealism or kinds of solipsism.

Some variants of dialectical monism adhere to the view that all conditions exist at all times in unity and that it is our consciousness which separates them into dualistic forms. Other views maintain that the nature of dialectical synthesis dictates that the flow of change will tend toward a "spiral-shaped progression" rather than a perpetual non-progressive (repetitive) circling of history. For these dialectical monists, this explains the fact of physical self-organization in Nature, as well as the observed tendency for human societies to achieve gradual "progress" over time.

There's another article about it here...

Sounds an awful lot like Panendeism to me. Smile

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Dialectical Monism
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