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 Blog Article on Panendeism

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PostSubject: Blog Article on Panendeism   Tue Oct 23, 2007 3:27 pm

Here's a link to a blog article on Panendeism.

In the article the author borrows heavily from the website as well as the website and makes an attempt to compare Panendeism to Advaita philosophy.

Quote :
At this juncture the orthodox religious and Panendeism theories differ fundamentally. Adwaita however is closer to the concept of self evolution and guidance that is the hall mark of Panendeism. I am Brahman, Aham Brahmsmi of the Vedic seers, Jesusí words concerning his divinity, I am the truth, and al-Haaq of Al Hallaj, have a family of resemblance. Truth is existential. To know it, we must live in it. It must be part of our being, a source of personal depth. . Truth is not truth until the seeker personally appropriates it. Every thing is known to us through experience. This is Adwaita preached by Sankaracharya as preached in Hinduism. Thus Panendeism tends to be really close to Adwaita philosophy ( Hinduism) of self elevation by inner knowledge and looking inwards (6) that rejects dualistic faiths, idol worship and various religious rituals.

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PostSubject: Re: Blog Article on Panendeism   Tue Oct 23, 2007 3:56 pm

Most interesting. eventually everyone will claim to evolve from Panendeism. It is the only smart thing to do!
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Blog Article on Panendeism
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