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 You might be a Panendeist if...

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You might be a Panendeist if... Empty
PostSubject: You might be a Panendeist if...   You might be a Panendeist if... Icon_minitimeSun Mar 11, 2007 2:11 pm

I thought I'd start a thread listing some of the commonalities between Panendeists. Perhaps after we've got a few listed I can post them to the main page. I'll start it off.

You might be a Panendeist if... you think that there is something else "out there" but don't view it as a "God being" it in classic theistic terms. believe that this "something else" not only lives "out there" but also pervades the universe.

... you prefer a "free thought" or philosophical approach to belief rather than a dogmatic or scriptural based approach to belief.

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You might be a Panendeist if...
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